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American Brass Bands Information and Canadian Bands

American Brass Bands

American and Canadian Brass Bands.

Brass Bands in the US and Canada
Advocate Brass Band (KY)
All Star Brass Bands (OH)
Allegheny Brass Band  (PA)
Americus Brass Band  (CA)
Atlantic Brass Band (NJ)
4th U.S. Artillery Regimental Brass Band
Athena Brass Band
Austin Wonder Brass (TX)
Belle City Brassworks Brass Band (WI)
Bend in the River Brass (IN)
Benfield Brass Band  (MD)
Benicia Arsenal Brass Band
Billtown Brass (PA)
Billy's Brass Band (OR)
Bloomington Brass Band (IN)
Blue and Gray Brass Brigade
Bourbon City Brass Band (KY)
Brass Band of Battle Creek (MI)
Brass Band of Central Florida (FL)
Brass Band of Central Illinois (IL)
Brass Band of Columbus (OH)
Brass Band of Fresno (CA)
Brass Band of Huntsville (AL)
Brass Band of Minot (ND)
Brass Band of North Carolina
Brass Band Northwest (WA)
Brass Band of the Piedmont (NC)
Brass Band of the Tri-State (KY)
Brass Band of the Western Reserve (OH)
The 1st Brigade Band - Wisconsin (WI)
Brio Brass (MN)
Buffalo Silver Band (NY)
Cabell-Breckinridge Brass Band
California Gold Rush Band  (CA)
5th California Volunteer Infantry Band (CA)
Camp Reynolds Regimental Brass Band (CA)
Capital City Brass Band (MI)
Carter Mountain Brass Band (NH)
Cedar River Brass Ensemble (IA)
Central Florida Brass Band
Central Michigan University Brass Band (MI)
Central Ohio Brass Band (OH)
Central Ohio Youth Band (OH)
Chatfield Brass Band (MN)
Cherokee Brass (AR)
Chesapeake Silver Cornet Brass Band (DE)
Chicago Brass Band (IL)
Chicago Staff Band (IL)
Cincinnati Brass Band (OH)
Cincinnati Honors Brass Band (OH)
Clack Valves & Cornets Steam Band (MS)
Classic Brass (CT)
Clear Creek Brass Band
Clearwater Corps Band (FL)
Commonwealth Brass Band (KY)
Concord Temple Band (CA)
Congress Street Brass Band (NJ)
Cuyahoga Valley Brass Band (OH)
Danbury Brass Band (CT)
Derby City Brass Band (KY)
Deutschmeister Brass Band
Dodworth Saxhorn Band
Dothan Corps Band (AL)
East Woodstock Cornet Band (CT)
Eastern Iowa Brass Band (IA)
Eighth Regiment Band
European Brass Band (NY)
Excelsior Cornet Band (NY)
Fairfax Salvation Army Corps Band (VA)
Farragut Brass Band (WA)
Federal City Brass Band (MD)
Fellowship Brass (FL)
Festive Brass (SC)
Flint Citadel Band (MI)
Florida Divisional Band (FL)
Fountain City Brass Band (MO)
Fountain Creek Brass Band (CO)
Freedom Brass Band (OH)
Front Range Band (CO)
Frontier Brigade Band (TX)
Gateway City Band (MO)
Georgia Brass Band (GA)
The 37th Georgia Regimental Band (GA)
Georgia Youth Symphony Orchestra Brass Band (GA)
Golden Eagle Brass Band (CO)
Golden State British Brass Band (CA)
Gramercy Brass Orchestra (NY)
The Great American Brass Band Festival
Great Western Rocky Mountain Brass Band (CO)
Greater New York Youth Band (NY)
Green Mountain Brass Band (VT)
H.B. Smith Cornet Band
Henderson State University Brass Band (AR)
Heritage Brass Band (TX)
Houston Brass Band (TX)
Humboldt Bay Brass Band (CA)
Illinois Brass Band (IL)
33rd Illinois Volunteer Regiment Band (IL)

Imperial Brass Band (NJ)
Independent Silver Band (IL)
Indiana Brass Band (PA)
James Madison University Brass Band (VA)
Jericho Brass (TN)
Joyous Brass (CA)
L.A. Metro Brass Band (CA)
Lake Wobegon Brass Band (MN)
Lancaster British Brass Band (PA)
Las Vegas Brass Band (NV)
Lexington Brass Band (KY)
London Silver Cornet Band (OH)
Long Island Brass (NY)
Madison Brass Band (WI)
Manchester Citadel Band (CT)
Massanutten Brass Band (VA)
5th Michigan Regiment Band (MI)
Milwaukee Festival Brass (WI)
Mississippi River Brass Band (IN)
Motor City Brass Band (MI)
Mr Jack Daniel's Original Silver Cornet Band
National Capital Band - Salvation Army (DC)
Natural State Brass Band (AR)
New Colombian Brass Band
New England Brass Band (MA)
New Jersey Youth Band
New Mexico Territorial Brass Band (NM)
New York Staff Band (NY)
Newberry's Victorian Cornet Band
Newtonburg Brass Band (WI)
North America Brass Band Association
26th North Carolina Regimental Band (NC)
North Carolina State University British Brass Band (NC)
Northeast Ohio Salvation Army Youth Band (OH)
Northwinds Brass Band (WI)
Ohio Brass Bands (OH)
Ohio Valley British Brass Band (OH)
Old Arizona Brass Band  (AZ)
Old Pueblo Brass Band (AZ)
Olde Towne Brass Band
Oregon Brass Society (OR)
Ozark Mountains British Brass Band (AR)
46th PA Regiment Band (PA)
Pacific Brass (CA)
Pasadena Tabernacle Band (CA)
The 28th Pennsylvania Regimental Band  (PA)
The 46th Pennsylvania Regimental Band  (PA)
Pittsburgh Temple (PA)
Prairie Brass Band (IL)
Princeton Brass Band (NJ)
Providence Brigade Band
Puget Brass (WA)
Punxsutewney Salvation Army Band (PA)
Queen City Brass Band (NC)
Reading Buccaneers Brass Band (PA)
8th Regiment Band (GA)
Regimental Volunteer Band of Wisconsin
Renaissance Brass Band (AZ)
River City Brass Band (PA)
Rockville Brass Band (MD)
Rocky Mountain Brassworks (CO)
Roman Festival Brass (GA)
St John River City Band
St Louis Brass Band (MO)
Salt River Brass  (AZ)
SASF Brass Band (KY)
Saxtons Cornet Band  (KY)
Schuyler Municipal Band
Scioto Valley Brass & Percussion Company  (OH)
Sheldon Theatre Brass Band (MN)
ShowMe Brass Band (MO)
Silverton Brass Band (CO)
Smoky Mountain Brass Band (NC)
Solid Brass (AR)
South Shore Brass Band (IN)
Southern Stars Symphonic Brass (TN)
Southern Territorial Band (GA)
Southern Territorial Band (GA)
Southerners British Brass Band (FL)
Southwestern Michigan College Brass Band (MI)
Spires Brass Band  (MD)
Spokane British Brass Band (WA)
Springdale SA Band (CA)
Starr Mountain Brass (TN)
Sunshine Brass Band (FL)
Tallahassee Brass (FL)
TBDBITL Alumni Band (OH)
Territorial Brass Band of Arizona (AZ)
Tongan Free Wesleyan Brass Band
Triangle Brass Band  (NC)
Triangle Youth Brass Band  (NC)
Tule British Brass Band  (CA)
Tustin Ranch Band
Union Cornet Band (NY)
University of Illinois British Brass Band (IL)
University of North Texas Brass Band (TX)
4th U.S. Artillery Regimental Brass Band
Utah Premiere Brass (UT)
Ventura British Brass (CA)
Wenatchee British Brass Band (WA)
Western Missouri Brass Band (MO)
Wildcat Regiment Band (105th PA) (PA)
Windjammers Center Ring Concert Band
Winona Brass Band (MN)
Yankee Brass Band (VT)
YouthBand Southwest (AZ)



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