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A pre-history of Brass Bands:

It is simple and convinient to say that the bras band movement can trace its beginnings back to somewhere within the first quarter of the nineteenth century; it is quite impossible to say which is the 'oldest', or which was the first, brass band. It is, however, woth looking into the liust of candidates, for the light that such a study throws on the way in which the brass band movement began. It may also help to fuel some of those argumrnts that you may have with fellow bandsmen.

For years, Besses o'th' Barn Band were considered the oldest group with a continuous exsistence up to and including the present day. For the uninitiated, I should explain that, 'Besses', as they are generally known, come from a small village which is now swallowed up all but in name by the continuous urban developement which is today joins Manchester and Buey. Besses have an invaluable and fairly easily accesible piece of evidence to back up their claim - a long eulogy of the band's achievements, written by Joseph Hampson and published in the ealry 1890's. His information on the band's information was obtained by questioning one or two of the older members of the band who, as he put it, 'grim death with his scythe.....has pleased to pass by'. They told him that the band had begun as a string band 'over a hundred years back' (ie 1790's), then had transformed itself into a reed band 'somewhere about the yer 1818'. Old men being old men, they apparently disagreed among themselves about the exact dates or, indeed whether there had been a string band at all, but they all seemed fairly sure that the founders were John, James and Joeseph Clegg, cotton manufacturers of the Bess o'th' Barn and that, besides playing themselves, the three brothers provided the funds for instruments, uniforms and music, although the first recorded list of members includes only one of the Clegg's, while one Thomas Leigh is styled as 'Leader and Bandmaster':

Thomas Leigh - F and C Clarinet
James Blomery - C Clarinet
Thomas Morris - C Clarinet
John Eastwood - Piccolo
John Clegg - Keyed Bugle
Wright Fletcher - Trumpet
Joseh Ogden - French Horn
Andrew Hilton - French Horn
John Fletcher - Trombone
John Ogden - Bass Horn
Thomas Ogden Bass Horn
Thomas Peatfield - Bass Drum

# I would imagine the Bandmaster had a tought time of it with that many Thomas' and Johns in the band!!!

Nothing much seems to have happened to te band until July 1821, when they were hired to play 'along with numerous other bands' in a local procession to celebrate the coronation of George IV.
To quote Hampson's account: 'Mr William Johnson, a very prominent leader of bands at the that time, in order to while away the during the marshalling of the people, drew the various bands together and made a subscription to form a prize for the band that should play the best piece of music of its own selection. At the close of the contest the prize amidst of general acclaim of the general acclamation of the public, was awarded to Beses o'th' Barn, who for their test piece played "God Save the King".'

There is no indication of how the contest was judged - perhaps this first success was based on nothing more than a shrewd choice of material, and possilbly the bands unusal uniform, which consisted of white cockade hat, scarlet tunic and white trousers. However, br that as it may, by 1821, Besses' band was established, and they could claim a few years exsistence prior to that, albeit under a different name: Clegg's Reed Band.

The most deservvedly famous Brass Band of all time and the one whose name even outsiders of Brass bands recognise is the J. Foster and Son Black Dyke Mills Band. They can lay claim to a similar but, in it's very early days, less continuous, history than that of the Besses o'th' Barn band. Peter Wharton, the publican at the Old Dolphin in the village of Queenshead, had a smal brass and reed band in 1816, among whose members was a certain John Foster, who played french horn. Wharton, it is said, travelled to Manchester and bought music from the military bandmaster garrisoned there; he thus gathered a small libary which 'contained several regimental music that inspired England's heroes in several wars of the French Revolution'. Although Wharton's band was reputed to be the best in the district, it broke up and the next we hear of the formation of another group, the Queenshead village band in 1833, a band which may well have contained musicians from the previous ensemble. In 1855, the Queensgead band was apperently on its last legs, and was taken over by John Foster and Son Lmited Black Dyke Mils Band.


Brass Band Links

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Besses o' th' Barn Band
Bestwood Welfare Black Diamonds Band
Betteshanger Brass Band
Beulah Brass Band
mailer('mgardham', '', 'Beverley Brass Band') Beverley Brass Band
BHK UK Ltd Horden Band
Bideford Town Band
Billingham Silver Band
Bilsdale Silver Band
Bilton Silver (Rugby) Band
Birchington Silver Band
Birmingham Citadel Band
Black Country Brass
Black Dyke Band
Blackburn & Darwen Band
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Blaenavon Concert Band
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Bon Accord Silver Band
Bo'ness and Carriden Brass Band
Boobs & Brass
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Bostock Band
Bournemouth Concert Brass
Boxted Methodist Silver Band
Boys' Brigade Central Brass Band
Brackley & District Band
Bradwell Silver Band
Brass Futures Brass Band
Brass Sounds Inverclyde Band
Bratton Silver Band
Breage & District Silver Band
Bream Silver Band
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BT Band
BTM Band
Buckhaven & Methil Brass Band
Buckrose Brass Band
Bude Metric Brass
Bude Town Band
Bugle Silver Band
Burbage Band (Buxton)
Burbage Silver Band
Burneside Brass Band
Burnley Alliance Silver Band
Burry Port Town Band


Cadishead Public Band
Callington Town Band
Camborne Town Band
Cambridge Citadel Band
Cambridge Heath Brass
Cambridge Heath Corps Band
Cambridge SA Band
Cambridge University Brass Band
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Campbeltown Brass
Canterbury Brass Band
Canterbury Corps Band
Cantium Brass
Capital Concert Brass
Cardiff Canton Band
Cardiff Grangetown Corps Band
Carharrack & St Day Silver Band
Carlisle Citadel Band
Carlisle St Stephens Silver Band
Carlton Brass Nottingham
Carlton Brass Training Band
Carlton Brass (Crossed Trumpet)
Carlton Main Frickley Colliery Band
Carrbrook Brass
Castle Point Brass Band
Castleton Brass
Castletown Metropolitan Silver Band
Cawston Band
Cawthorne Brass Band
Central Southern Area Fellowship Band
Ceramic Brass
Chadderton Band
Chalford Academy Brass Band
Chalford Band
Chalgrove Band
Chalk Farm Band
Chapel-en-le-Frith Town Brass Band
Chapeltown Silver Prize Band
Charles Church Camberley Band
Chatham Citadel Band
Chatteris Town Band
Chatteris Town Band
Chedworth Silver Band
Chelmsford Salvation Army Band
Chelmsford Star Silver Band
Cheltenham Silver Band
Chepstow Town Band
Cheshire Youth Brass Band
Chester-le-Street Riverside Brass Band Academy
Chichester City Band
Chinnor Silver Band
Chipping Norton Silver Band
Cholsey Silver Band
Chorley Silver Band
Christchurch and Highcliffe Band
Cinderford Band
Cirencester Band
City of Birmingham Brass Band
City of Bristol Brass Band
City of Bristol Brass Band Training Band
City of Cambridge Brass Band
City of Cardiff (Melingriffith) Band
City of Chester Brass Band
City of Coventry Band
City of Discovery Brass Band
City of Exeter Railway Band
City of Lincoln Band
City of Lincoln Band
City of Oxford Silver Band
City of Rochester Brass
City of Southampton (Albion) Band
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City Of Truro Band
City of Wolverhampton Brass Band
Clabby Silver Band
Clackmannan and District Brass Band
Clacton-On-Sea Co-operative Band
Cleobury Mortimer Concert Brass
Clevedon Brass Band
Clifton and Lightcliffe Band
Clitheroe Town Band
Clydebank Burgh Band
Clydebank Burgh Band
Coalburn Silver Band
Cobham Band
Cockermouth Mechanics Band
Cockerton Band
Colchester Band
Colchester Citadel Band
Cold Ash Brass
Coleshill Town Band
Comber Band
Congresbury Brass
Consett Brass
Constantine Silver Band
Conwy Town Brass Band
Coppull and Standish Band
Copthorne Silver Band
Corby Silver Band
Cornwall Youth Brass Band
Coronation Brass
Corsham Band
Corus Concert Band
Cory Band
Cottenham Brass Band
Cottingham Band
Coventry City SA Band
Coventry Festival Band
Cradley Heath Salvation Army Band
Craghead Colliery Band
Cranbrook Town Band
Crediton Town Band
Creetown Silver Band
Cressbrook Silver Band
Creswell Colliery Brass Band
Crich Brass
Cricklade Band
Croft Silver Band
Crofton Silver Band
Crofts End Mission Silver Band
Cromer & Sheringham Silver Band
Crosskeys Silver Band
Croy Silver Band
Croydon Brass Band
Croydon Citadel Band
Crwbin Silver Band
Crystal Palace Band
CSD Brass (Cambridge)
Cubbington Silver Band
C.W.A. Brass
Cwmaman Institute Silver Band
Cwmbran Brass
Cyberband '96
Cyberband '97
Cyberband 2000


Dalkeith And Monktonhall Brass Band
Dalmellington Brass Band
Darley Dale Brass Band
Darwen Brass
Daventry Brass
Daw Mill Colliery Band
Dearham Band
Deepcar Brass Band
Deeside Silver Band
Deiniolen Silver Band
Deiniolen Youth Band
Delph Band
Denham Hendon Brass Band
Denmead Brass Band
Denton Brass
Derby Central Band
Dereham Band
Derwent Brass
Desford Colliery Band
Devilish Brass
Diggle Band
Dinnington Colliery Band
District of Dunchurch Brass
Dobcross Silver Band
Dobcross Youth Band
Dodington Parish Band
Dodworth Colliery Band
Douglas Town Band
Downshire Brass
Downton Band
Driffield Silver Band
Drighlington Band
Droitwich Spa Corps Band
Dronfield Band
Drumblade Brass Band
Dudley Metropolitan Brass Band
Dunaskin Doon Band
Dunchurch Silver Band
Dundee Instrumental Band
Dunfermline Town Band
Dungannon Silver Band
Dunston Silver Band
Durham Constabulary Brass Band
Durham University Brass Band
Durnovaria Silver Band
Dysart Colliery Silver Band
Eagley Band
Easingwold Brass
East Cowes Town Band
East Hampshire Schools Brass Band
East London Brass
East Midlands Youth Band
East Peckham Silver Band
East Riding of Yorkshire Band
East Yorkshire Motor Services Band
Eastbourne Silver Band
Ebbw Vale Town Band
Ebor Brass Band
Eccles Borough Band
Eccleston Brass Band
Edenbridge Town Band
Edinburgh Gorgie Young People's Band of the Salvation Army
Egham Band
Egremont Town Band
Elland Silver Band
Ellenbrook & Boothstown Brass Band
Ellesborough Silver Band
Ellesmere Port Silver Band
Elmsett Fellowship Brass Band
Emley Brass Band
Enderby Band
Energes Band
Enfield Brass Band
Enfield Citadel Band
Enfield Contest Band
Epping Forest Band
Epsom & Ewell Silver Band
Escafeld Brass Band
Extreme Banding


Fairey Band
mailer('cwk-md', '', 'Fairfield (Buxton) Band') Fairfield (Buxton) Band
Fairlop Brass Band
Fakenham Town Band
Farndon & District Brass Band
Farnham Brass Band
Farnworth & Walkden Band
Fauldhouse Miner's (Youth) Brass Band
Faversham Mission Band
Felling Band
Ferndown Concert Brass
Ferryhill Town Band
Filton Concert Brass
Fishburn Band
Fleckney Silver Band
Flimby Saxhorn Silver
Flixton Band
Flookburgh Band
Florence Brass
Foden's Richardson Band
Forest of Dean Brass
Foresters Friendly Society Brass
Forfar Instrumental Band
Formby Band
Foss Dyke Band
Freckleton Band
Frenchay Brass
Friary Guildford Brass Band
Frickley & South Elmsall Brass Band
Friendly Band
Friendship Band
Friezland Brass Band
Frodsham Silver Band
Frome Town Youth Band
Fulbourn & Teversham RBL Band
Fulham Band
Fuoco Brass
Galashiels Town Band
Garforth Brass
Garforth Jubilee Brass
Gateshead Brass
Gawthorpe Brass Band
Gawthorpe Brass '85
Gaynes School Upminster Brass Band
Giggleswick and Settle Brass Band
Gillingham Imperial Silver Band
Glossop Old Band
Glossopdale Community College Band
Gloucester Brass
Gloucester Excelsior Band
Gloucester Salvation Army Band
Gloucestershire Constabulary Band
Godalming Band
Golborne Brass Band
mailer('judith', '', 'Golcar Band') Golcar Band
Goodwick Brass Band
Goring & Streatley Concert Band
Gosport Silver Band
Govan Citadel Band
Govan Citadel YP Band
mailer('charlesfwoodward', '', 'Goyt Valley Brass Band') Goyt Valley Brass Band
Grange Moor Brass Band
Granite City Brass
Grays Town Band
Great Horwood Silver Band
Great Western Youth Band
Great Yarmouth Brass
Great Yarmouth Corps Senior Band
Greenalls Brass Band
Greenfield Band
Greenhall Brass Band
Greenwood Academy Brass Band
Greggs Bakery Band
Gresley Colliery Band
Gresley Colliery Youth Band
Gretton Silver Band
Grimethorpe Colliery UK Coal Band
Grimsby Citadel Band
Grimsdyke Brass
GT Group Band Peterlee
Guernsey Concert Brass
Guildford Citadel Senior Band
GUS Band
Gwaun-Cae-Gurwen Band
Gweek Silver Band
Gwernaffield Silver Band


Hade Edge Band
Hadleigh Temple Corps Band
Hadstock Silver Band
Halesowen Town Brass Band
Hall Royd Band
Hampshire County Youth Band
Hangleton Band
Hannington Silver Band
Hanwell Band
Harborough Band
Harlech Silver Band
Harlow Brass Band
Harrogate Band
Hartlepool Citadel Salvation Army Band
Harwich Royal British Legion Brass Band
Harworth Brass
Haslemere Town Band
Haslingden & Helmshore Band
Hatherleigh Silver Band
Hathern Band
Hathersage Brass Band
Haverfordwest Town Band
Haverhill Silver Band
Hawick Saxhorn Band
Hawk Green Marple Silver Band
Haworth Band
Haydock Band
Hayle Town Band
Haywards Heath Concert Brass
Hazel Grove Brass Band
Heath Band
Heathfield Silver Band
Heathfield Silver Band
Hebden Bridge Brass Band
Hebden Bridge Junior Band
Heckmondwike Grammar School Brass Band
Hellesdon and Sprowston Brass
Helston Town Band
Hemel Hempstead Band
Hemel Hempstead Salvation Army Band
Hendon Band of the Salvation Army
Hepworth (Cookson Homes) Band
Hesketh Bank Band
Hetton Silver Band
Heywood and Middleton Youth Brass Band
High Green Brass Band
High Peak Brass Band
Highley Colliery Band
Hilgay Silver Band
Histon and Impington Band
Hitchin Band
Holbeach Town Band
Holborn Hill Royal Brass Band
Hollingworth and Longdendale Silver Band
Holme Silver Band (Disposables UK Group)
Holsworthy Town Band
Holymoorside Band
Holywell Band
Honiton Band
Hooe Silver Band
Hook Norton Brass Band
Hoover Bolton Band
Hopkins Solicitors Blidworth Welfare Band
Horbury Victoria Band
Horsham Borough Band
Houghton Brass Band
Household Troops Band
Huddersfield & Ripponden Brass
Hull Icehouse Citadel Band
Hungerford Town Band
Hyde Band
Hythe Corps Band
Hythe & Dibden Brass Band


Ibstock Brick Brass
Ifton Band
Ilford Salvation Army Senior Band
Ilkeston Brass
Innovate Skelmanthorpe Brass Band
International Staff Band of the Salvation Army
Ipswich & Norwich Co-Op Band
Ipswich Citadel Band
Ipswich Hospital Band
Ipswich Over 50s Brass Band
Ireland Colliery Brass Band
Ireland Colliery (Chesterfield) Youth Band
Irlam Brass
Irvine and Dreghorn Brass
Jackfield Elcock Reisen Band
Jaguar (Coventry) Band
Jedforest Instrumental Band
Jersey Premier Brass
Johnstone Silver Band
Jubilee Brass
Jubilee Brass (Oxford) Band
Keith & District Silver Band
Kennet Vale Band
Kennington (Oxford) Band
Kent Police Band
Kernow Concert Brass
Kettering Citadel Band
Keynsham Brass Band
Kibworth Band
Kidlington Concert Brass
Kilbirnie Citadel Band
Killamarsh Silver Band
Kilmarnock Concert Brass
Kingdom Brass
Kings Lynn Town Band
King's Park Brass
Kingsway Printers Cleethorpes Band
Kippax Band
Kirkby Colliery Welfare Band
Kirkby Lonsdale Brass Band
Kirkbymoorside Town Brass Band
Kirkintilloch Band
Kirkintilloch Kelvin Brass
Kirton Brass Band
KM Medway Band
Knaresborough Silver Band
Knighton Town Silver Band
Knottingley Concert Brass
Knottingley Silver Band


Laganvale Band
Lakenheath Silver Band
Lanchester Brass Band
Lancing & Sompting Royal British Legion Band
Langbaurgh Brass
Langholm Town Band
Langley Band
Lanner & District Silver Band
Latchford Warrington Silver Band
Launceston Town Band
Laureldale Brass Ensemble
Leamington Community Church Band
Leeds University Brass Band
Leeds Central Band
Leeds West Hunslet Band
Lees Youth Band
Leicester Castle Band
Leicester Co-op Snibston Charnwood Brass
Leigh-on-Sea Corps Band
Leiston Royal British Legion Band
Letchworth Garden City Band
Lewes Glynde & Beddingham Brass
Lewis Merthyr Band
Leyburn Band
Leyland Band
Lincoln Beevor Band Organisation
Lincoln Citadel Band
Lincolnshire Hospitals Band
Lindley Band
Lingfield Silver Band
Lingfield Youth Band
Linthwaite Band
Lions Youth Brass
Liskeard Silver Band
Liss Band
Littleborough Public Band
Littleport Brass Band
Llandudno Town Band
Llanelli & District Youth Band
Llangollen Silver Band
Llay Welfare Band
Llwydcoed Band
Lochgelly Band
Lockerley Silver Band
Lockwood Brass
Loddon Band
Lofthouse 2000 Brass Band
Long Eaton Silver Prize Band
Long Melford Silver Band
Longridge Band
Lostock Hall Memorial Band
Lostwithiel Town Band
Louth Riverhead Silver Band
Loxley Silver Band
Lurgan Salvation Army Band
Luton Band
Lydbrook Silver Band
Lydgate Band - No contact information known
Lydney Town Band
Lyme Regis Town Band
Lympstone South West Telecoms Brass Band
Macclesfield Youth Brass Band
Machno Vale Silver Band
Mactaggart Scott Loanhead Band
Magheramorne Silver Band
Maidenhead Citadel Band
Maidstone Citadel Band
Maltby Miners Welfare Band
Malton White Star Band
Malvern Chase Brass Band
Malvern Hills District Brass Band
Manx Concert Brass
Manx National Youth Band
March Brass 2000
Market Rasen Band
Markham & District Colliery Band
Markham Main Colliery Band
Marlow Town Band
Marsden Silver Prize Band
Marsh Gibbon Silver Band
Marshfield Band
Marshfield Brass Band
Marshside Brass Band
Marske Brass Band
Marske Brass Band
Martlesham Brass
Matlock Band
Matthews Norfolk Brass
Mayfield Band
Melbourne Town Band
Meltham and Meltham Mills Brass Band
Melton Borough Band
Menai Bridge Band Porthaethwy
Mereside Brass
Michelmersh Silver Band
Mid Sussex Brass Band
Mid Sussex Brass Band
Middlesbrough Citadel Band
Middleton Band
Midsomer Norton and Radstock Silver Band
Midsomer Norton Marching Brass
Milford Haven Town Band
Millennium Brass
Mole Valley Silver Band
Monklands Youth Concert Brass Band
Moray Concert Brass
Morecambe Brass Band
Mossley Band
Moston and Beswick Manchester Band (folded 2006)
Moulton 77 Brass Band
Mount Charles Band
Mount Charles Youth Band
Muker Silver Band
Murley Silver Band
Murton Colliery Brass Band
Musselburgh and Fisherrow Trades Band


Nailsworth Silver Band
National Methodist Youth Brass Band
National Youth Brass Band of Great Britain
National Youth Brass Band of Scotland
National Youth Brass Band of Wales
Nelson Brass Band
New Buckenham Silver Band
New Forest Brass Band
Newark Town Band
Newbridge-Celynen Band
Newhall Band
Newland Concert Brass
Newmarket Town Brass Band
Newmilns & Galston Brass Band
Newmount Brass
Newport Borough Brass Band
Newport Town Band
Newquay Band
Newstead Welfare Band
Newtongrange Silver Band
Newtown Silver Band
Node Hill School Brass Band
Norfolk County Youth Brass Band
Norfolk Wherry Brass
Norham Village Band
North Ayrshire Band - unfortunatley now gone
North Norfolk & Broadland Youth Brass Bands
North East Hampshire Area Schools' Band
North Fylde Brass Band
North Herts Youth Brass Band
North Powys Youth Band
North Shields Citadel Band
Northallerton Silver Band
Northenden Silver Band
Northern All Star Brass
Northfleet Brass
Northop Silver Band
Northumbrian Water Ellington Colliery Band
Norton Youth Band
Norwich Citadel Band
Norwich City Brass
Oakdale Silver Band
Oakengates SA Band
Ocean Brass
Ogmore Valley Silver Band
Okehampton Excelsior Silver Band
1st Old Boys Association Silver Band
55th Old Boys Brass Band
Old Hall Brass
Old Silkstone Band
Old Silkstone 'B' Band
Oldham Band (Lees)
Onchan Silver Band
Otley Brass Band
Otterbourne Brass
Ottery St. Mary Silver Band
Oughterside & District Brass Band
Oughtibridge Brass Band
Oxford Templars Brass Band
Oxford University Brass Band
Oxted Band
Pangbourne and District Band
Parc & Dare Band
Parkend Silver Band
Parr Band
Patcham Silver Band
Pavilion Brass
Peebles Burgh Silver Band
Pemberton Old Wigan Brass Band
Pembroke Borough Silver Band
Pencoed Concert Brass
Penclawdd Brass Band
Pendeen Silver Band
Pendennis Brass
Penicuik Silver Band
Pennine Brass
Penrith Town Band
Perth Silver Brass Band
Perthshire Brass Band
Phoenix Brass
Phoenix Brass Crewkerne
Phoenix Brass Worsbrough Junior Band
Phoenix West Midlands Brass
Pilling Jubilee Silver Band
Pillowell Silver Band
Pittington Brass
Pleasley Welfare Brass Band
Plymouth Soundhouse Brass
Plymouth Whitleigh Citadel Band
Point of Ayr Silver Band
Polysteel Band
Pontarddulais Town Band
Pontypool Brass
Poole Borough Band
Port Sunlight Lyceum Brass
Porthleven Town Band
Porthywaen Silver Band
Portishead Town Band
Portsmouth Citadel Band
Portsmouth City Band
Portsmouth City Youth Band
Potters Bar Town Band
Poulton-le-Fylde Band
Powerfuel Hatfield Colliery Band
Poynton Youth Brass Band
Poyntzpass Silver Band
Pride Valley Brass
Queen Elizabeth School Brass Band
Queensferry Community Brass Band


Radcliffe Brass Band
RAF St. Athan Voluntary Band
Rainford Band
Ramsbury Silver Band
Ramsey Town Band
Ransome Band
Ratby Co-operative Brass Band
Ratby Co-operative Mid Band
Raunds Temperance Band
Rayleigh Brass
Reading Central Band
Reading Central YP Band
Reading Spring Gardens Brass Band
Red Rose Youth Band
Redbridge Brass
Reddish Prize Gorton Silver Band
Redruth Town Band
Reeth Brass Band
Reg Vardy Band
Regent Brass
Regent Hall Band
Regimental Band of the Royal Welsh
Renfrew Burgh Band
Rhyl Silver Band
Riddings Band
Ringwood and Burley Band
Ripon City Band
Risca Salvation Army Band
Riviera Concert Brass
Rivington and Adlington Brass Band
RMT Easington Colliery Band
RNCM Brass Band
Roberts Bakery Band
Rochdale Borough Youth Band
Rochdale Music Service Brass Bands
Rock Ferry Salvation Army Band
Rockingham Band
Rode Hall Silver Band
Rogerstone Band
Rogerstone Junior Band
Roke & Benson Brass Band
Rolls Royce (Derby) Band
Romford Citadel Band
2nd Rossendale Scout Group Band
Rothwell Temperance Band
Royal British Legion Band (Lincolnshire)
Royal British Legion Victory Brass Band
Royal Buckley Town Band
Royal Oakeley Band
Royal Spa Brass
Royston Town Brass Band
Rugeley Power Station Brass Band
Rushden Mission Band
Rushden Town Band
Rushden Windmill Band
Rushen Silver Band
Rutherglen Citadel Band


Sabrina Brass Band
Sacriston Colliery Band
St Agnes Silver Band
St Albans City Band
St Austell Town Band
St Boswells Silver Band
St Breward Silver Band
St Colmans Brass Band
St David's Brass
St Dennis Band
St Gennys Silver Band
St Helens Brass
St Helens Youth Brass Band
St Ives Town Band
St John's Castle Band
St Joseph's Brass Band
St Keverne Band
St Michael's Brass Band
St Peters GAA Band
St. Pinnock Band
St Ronans Silver Band
St Sebastian (Wokingham) Brass Band
St Stythians Band
Sale Brass Band
Salford University Brass Band
Saltash Town Band
Saltash Town Youth Band
Salvo Brass
Sandhurst Silver Band
Sanquhar and District Silver Band
Scarborough Citadel Band
Scissett Youth Band
Scottish Co-op Band
Seindorf Arian Crwbin
Seindorf Arian Llanrug Silver Band
Selkirk Silver Band
Sellers International Band
Severn Tunnel Band
Shaftesbury Town Silver Band
Shanklin Town Brass Band
Shanklin Town Youth Brass Band
Sharpness & District Silver Band
Shaw Band
Shaw Youth Band
Shaw Citadel Brass Band
Shepherd Building Group Brass Band
Sherborne Town Band
Shildon Community Band
Shildon Salvation Army Band
Shipston Brass Band
Shirebrook Miners' Welfare Unison Band
Shirland Miners Welfare Silver Band
Shirland Welfare Training Band
Shirley Band
Shotts St. Patrick's Brass Band
Shrewton Silver Band
Shropshire Youth Brass Band
Sidmouth Town Band
Silk Brass (The Macclesfield Band)
Silsden Town Band
Skegness Silver Band
Skelmanthorpe B Band
Skelmersdale Prize Band
Skipton Brass Band
Slaidburn Silver Band
Slaithwaite Band
Smithills School Brass Band
Snibston & Desford Colliery Band
Snowdown Colliery Welfare Band
Soham Comrades Band
Solent Concert Band
Solihull Youth Brass Band
Somersham Town Band
South East Cheshire Youth Band
South London Fellowship Band
South Milford Brass
South Molton Town Band
South West Trains Woodfalls Band
South Yorkshire Police Band
Southend Band
Southampton Youth Brass Band
Sovereign Brass Band
Spen Valley Brass Band
Spennymoor Town Band
Staffordshire Band
Staines Brass Band
Stalham Brass Band
Stalham Jubilee Training Brass Band
Stalybridge Old Band
Stamford Brass
Stanhope Silver Band
Stanley Newmarket Colliery Band
Stannary Brass Band
Stannington Brass Band
Stanshawe/Sun Life Band Unofficial Historical Site
Stansted Silver Band
Stantonbury Brass
Stape Silver Band
Stiperstones Brass
Stockport Schools' Brass Bands
Stockport Silver Band
Stocksbridge Band
Stockton Citadel Band
Stoke-sub-Hamdon Band
mailer('martlew', '', 'Stone Town Band') Stone Town Band
Stonesfield Silver Band
Stourport on Severn Brass Band
Stowmarket Citadel Band
Stowmarket Concert Band
Strabane Concert Brass
Stretford Band
Suffolk Phoenix Brass
Summerbridge and Dacre Silver Prize Band
Sussex Brass
Sunderland Millfield Corps Band
Sunderland Monkwearmouth Band
Swindon Brass
Swindon Pegasus Brass
Swineshead Silver Band
Swinton & District Excelsior Band
Syston Band


Tadley Band
Tadley Concert Brass
Tapton Youth Brass Band
Tarleton and District Brass
Tarporley Silver Band
Taverham Band
Tavistock Chester-le-Street Riverside Band
Tayport Instrumental Band
Templemore Band
Tenby & District Brass Band
Test Valley Brass
Test Valley Brass Youth Band
Tewit Youth Band
Tewkesbury Town Band
Third Carrickfergus Band
mailer('MRush', '', 'Thirsk Royal British Legion Band') Thirsk Royal British Legion Band
Thomas Coaches Mid Rhondda Brass Band
Thoresby Colliery (UK Coal) Band
Thornbury Band
Thornbury Castle Band
Thornsett Youth Band
Thornton Cleveleys Brass Band
Thorntons Brass
Thorpe Hesley Brass
Thundersley Brass Band
Thurcroft Welfare Band
Thurlstone Brass Band
Thurrock Spectrum Brass
Tideswell Band
Tilbury Band
Timperley Band
Tingley Youth Band
Tintwistle Brass Band
Tiverton Town Band
Toddington Town Band
Todmorden Community Brass Band
Tongwynlais Temperance Silver Band
Torbay Brass Band
Torbay Concert Brass
Tornado Brass
Torrington Silver Band
Totnes Band
Tottington Public Brass Band
Towcester Studio Band
Towyn Silver Band
Tredegar Town Band
Treherbert Silver Band
Trentham Brass Band
Trimdon Concert Brass Band
Trinity Girls Brass Band
Trowbridge & District Brass Band
Trowbridge & District Youth Band
Tullis Russell Mills Band
Turriff Silver Band
Tyldesley Band
Tylorstown (Valley Lines) Brass Band


Uckfield Concert Brass
UK Paper Concert Band
Ulster Orchestra Youth Brass Band
Ulverston Town Band
Unison Kinneil Brass Band
United Norwest Co-op Milnrow Band
United Co-op Band (Crewe)
United Co-op New Mills Band
United Co-op Yorkshire Band
United Co-op 2000 Band
United Co-op 2000 Community Brass Band
Unity Brass
Unity Brass B Band
University of Liverpool Brass Band
University of Warwick Brass Society
University of York Brass Band Society
Upper Rhondda Brass Band
Uppermill Brass Band
Usk Youth Brass Band
Uttoxeter Town Brass Band
Vale of Glamorgan Brass Band
Valley Brass (Haydock) Band
Vectis Brass & Vectis Youth Brass
Vernon Building Society 'Poynton' Brass Band
Verwood Concert Brass
Vintage Brass Band
Wadhurst Brass Band
mailer('Richard.Stevens3', '', 'Wakefield Metropolitan Band ') Wakefield Metropolitan Band
Walkden Band
Waltham Forest Brass
Waltham St Lawrence Silver Band
Wansbeck's Ashington Colliery Band
Wantage Silver Band
Warbleton & Buxted Band
Wardle and District Anderson Brass
Ware Brass
Warrenpoint Silver Band
Warrington Brass
Warsash Band
Warwickshire Youth Brass
Watchet RBL Band
Watchet Town Band
Water Band
Waterbeach Brass
Watership Brass
Watford Band
Wealden Brass
Welbeck Estates Brass Band
Wellingborough Salvation Army Band
Wellington Memorial Silver Band
Wellington (Telford) Brass Band
Wells City Band
Welwyn Garden City Band
Welsh College of Music & Drama Brass Band
Wem Jubilee Band
West Chiltington Silver Band
West Lothian Schools Brass Band
West Mercia Constabulary Band
West Mercia Police Band
West Midlands Fellowship Band
West Midlands Police Brass Band
West Wycombe Brass Band
West Yorkshire Brass
West Yorkshire Police Band
Westerleigh Brass Band
Westoe Brass Band
Weston Brass
Wetherby and District Silver Band
Weymouth Concert Brass
Whaley Bridge Band
Whiston Brass Band
Whitburn Band
Whitchurch Town Band
Whitehaven Brass Band
Whitewebbs Motor Museum Brass Band
Whitstable Brass
Whitwell Brass Band
Whitworth Vale and Healey Band
Wicken Coronation Band
Wigan Youth Brass Band
Wigston Brass Band
William Booth Memorial Halls Band
Wilsden Band
Wilton and District Youth Band
Wincanton Silver Band
Winchcombe Concert Brass
Wingates Band
Winterley Brass
Wire Youth Brass
Wirral Brass Ensemble
Wirral Schools Brass Band
Witney Town Band
Wiveliscombe Town Band
Woburn Sands Band
Woking Brass Band
Wolverton Town Band
Woodbridge Excelsior Brass Band
Woodbridge Salvation Army Band
Woodfalls Concert Brass
Woodhouse Prize Band
Woolley Pritchard Sovereign Brass
Worcester Concert Brass
Worksop Miners Welfare Band
Worsborough Brass
Wotton & District Silver Band
Wrentham Band
Wrexham Brass
Wuss Brass 2000
Wuss Brass 2002
Wymondham Area Schools Brass Band
Yarm and District Band
Yarnton Brass Band
Yarwell & Nassington Britannia Band
YBS Band
YBS Concert Brass Band
Yeovil Town Band
Yiewsley & West Drayton Band
Ynyshir (Stacks of Tiles) Band
York Citadel Band
York Railway Institute Band
York RI Golden Rail Band
Yorkshire Imperial Urquhart Travel Band
Yorkshire Traction Honley
Yorkshire Youth Brass Band
Young Ambassadors Brass Band of Great Britain
Young Lancashire Brass
Youth Brass 2000
Ystradgynlais Public Band
Zone One Brass Band
Tullis Russell Mills Band

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